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Custom floral arrangements for your office or corporate event

Did you know employees are more productive when they have natural flowers and plants in their work space?

It’s true!

A recent study conducted by Rutgers University found that a workplace environment that includes flowers and live plants supported more creative problem solving, idea generation and increased general performance! Corporate botanicals are great for your clients too, making even the most serious setting feel just a little bit more welcoming, polished and professional.

We have a variety of corporate botanical services, from subscription delivery of fresh cut flowers, to rental or care services, and special events. We specialize in providing custom services so if what you’re seeking isn’t on our service menu, just ask and we can design a unique option just for you.

  • Fresh Cut Flower Subscriptions

    From simple hand-tied bouquets to corporate branded vessel arrangements, you can schedule our low commitment 10 week subscriptions weekly or bi-weekly for your convenience.

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  • Forget-Me-Not Services

    Never forget another birthday, anniversary or remembrance holiday with our advanced schedule services. Did you remember Secretaries’ Day? Employee recognition days can really sneak up on you and there is a special day for every industry professional, from administrative assistants to veterinary technicians. Whomever you employ, we’ve got you covered. Not sure what to get? We have a gift certificate that is always sure to please.

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  • Office Botanicals

    Nothing brings life to an office like a healthy selection of potted plants. From the standard ficus and pathos, to exotic bamboos and delicate orchids, and everything in between, we have a botanical accent sure to capture and convey the true character of your organization. Not ready to commit to a long-term plant relationship? Try our rental service. Remember you don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy the oxygen rich environment of growing green foliage and vibrant florals.

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  • Holidays and Special Events

    Transform your workspace into a holiday wonderland or simply brighten things up with a little bit of cheer. Whatever you’re planning we have exactly what you need to stage the perfect event decor, from ornate linens and thematic details to unique guest engagements and botanical furnishings.

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  • Trade Show Services

    Get their attention with dramatic botanical arrangements, trees, and other decor details. Let us transform your space into the most dynamic and engaging booth in the crowd.

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