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Boston's Floral Couture and FEVA

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Fair Event Vendors Allianceā„¢ aims to connect the LGBTQ community with Louisville and Southern Indiana area wedding and event professionals, who welcome them as clients and believe in their equality and fair treatment. FEVA also desires to promote the growth and professional development of that community of support in Louisville and Southern Indiana. On our website, you will find the section Directory which provides a listing by category of our members who offer a wide variety of goods and services from formal wear to venues.

Boston's is proud to work with FEVA and supports all FEVA events, including the Love Won Wedding Show, coming up on October 22nd, 2015 at the Mercury Ballroom.

Boston's Floral and FEVA

The wedding industry, which has struggled amid years of sinking marriage rates, is experiencing an upswing thanks to the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage. The typical total cost of a wedding is about $26,000, and a surge of gay weddings could send hundreds of millions of dollars into local businesses and economies in the coming months and years. FEVA is connecting LGBTQ couples with vendors and businesses that are open-minded and support marriages of all kinds. Boston's Floral looks forward to helping the wedding "backlog" of over 150,000 same-sex couples throughout the US.

Support for same-sex marriage has risen from 37% in 2009 to 57% in May 2015

Prior to the SCOTUS ruling, same-sex marriage was legal in 36 states and DC

The U.S. now joins 20 other countries that already allow gay and lesbian couples to wed

There are an estimated 9 million LGBTQ adults in the United States

251,695 same-sex couples are already married in the United States in 2013

The Netherlands was the first country that made same-sex marriage legal

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